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84년도 한인회 송년파티 / 84-nyŏndo haninhoe songnyŏn p'at'i / ['84 End-of-year party]
Remark: Announcement for end-of-year party of 1984 for Korean Soceity… View
Ethnic Groups Important: Scholar
Remark: News article in the Express on June 22, 1979… View
Human Rights for Koreans in Japan: Canadians against Fingerprinting Law in Japan
Remark: Article in Han’guk Ilbo (Toronto) on September 9, 1986.… View
The Korea Times September 24, 1986
Remark: News for the Campaign Against Finger Printing Law of… View
[Advertisement for Korean language schools in California]
Remark: Advertisements for the Korean language shcools in California, USA.… View
ㄷ) 회의 순서 / Tigŭt) Hoeŭi sunsŏ / [Clipping of meeting procedures]
Remark: Aricle for a meeting procedures on a local newspaper.… View
공고 / Konggo : 합의 사항 /Hapŭi sahang
Remark: Announcement on agreement between Korean Society of Vancouver and… View

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